Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet

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Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet video

Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet

Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet are 100% handmade and crafted with real precious Rhodonite beads, gold plated charm and high-quality, sourced string.

A sliding knot makes it fully adjustment for any wrist size from 6"-11" (15cm - 28cm). Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet are made with natural, recycled and reclaimed materials to help preserve the delicate ecosystems all around our world. Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet weight 10g and are available in a wide variety or colors and styles.

A purchase of Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet funds the planting AND maintenance of 1 tree. Can we count on you?

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