Ocean Jasper Beads

The Background on Ocean Jasper Beads

Jasper Beads can come in a variety of different colors, including red, brown, green, blue, purple, yellow and, of course Ocean Jasper Beads.

Ocean Jasper Beads are made from rock that is composed of are few different substances; generally chalcedony, dense microcrystalline quartz and other minerals which make up the colorful bands or patterns throughout it.

Ocean Jasper Beads BraceletWhile Ocean Jasper beads are not a traditional birthstone, it is a type of Jasper which is the birthstone of the month of March. As they are generally green in color, Ocean Jasper Crystals are often associated with renewal and may be considered the natural birthstone of those born in the Spring.

The name "Jasper"" means "spotted or speckled stone. " This can be traced back in the history to a few different languages, including Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Greek and Latin. 

Ocean jasper beads are the trade name for the multi-colored crystal from the Northwest coast of Madagascar, usually with spherical patterns.

Ocean jasper beads are a stone of tranquility and are excellent in reducing stress. Its cleansing effect can remove negative energy while stabilizing your aura. Thus, it is ideal as a rubbing stone for increasing your focus and soothing the nerves.

The ocean jasper is believed to have highly restorative abilities for tissue deterioration of your internal organs. It is also useful in draining your lymphatic system of toxins and waste substances which causes flatulence and body odor.

Although we have several beautiful Jasper bead bracelets (blue jasper beads bracelet, purple jasper beads bracelet), the Ocean Jasper Beads bracelet is among our favorites (ocean jasper beads bracelet) available at Renew Bracelets.

The purchase of an Ocean Jasper Beads Bracelet funds the planting AND maintenance of 1 tree.

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Ocean Jasper Beads Bracelet are 100% handmade and crafted with real precious Ocean Jasper beads, gold plated charm and high-quality, sourced string.

A sliding knot makes it fully adjustment for any wrist size from 6"-11" (15cm - 28cm). Ocean Jasper Beads Bracelet are made with natural, recycled and reclaimed materials to help preserve the delicate ecosystems all around our world.

Ocean Jasper Beads Bracelet weight 10g and have their own one-of-the-kind unique color and pattern.

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